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How to Deal With Gym Anxiety and Intimidation


With the gyms set to re-open within the next few weeks, anxiety and worry around going back to the fitness room is totally understandable. A lot of my clients are beginners and while we’ve worked together from home for weeks now, they’ve never set foot in the gym.

When gyms return, it's likely every man and his dog will be there. But that doesn't mean you should avoid the gym like the plague (or covid lol).

If you are planning on returning to the gyms, here’s some tips for gym intimidation:

  • Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE is there for themselves. Every single person you see in the gym is there for the exact same reason as you; to progress and better themselves.

  • Find the right gym for you - there are so many gym options!! You don't have to stick with one where you feel uncomfortable maybe because it's the closest one. I promise you, going to the gym will become SO much easier if it’s the right environment! Shop around, try day passes and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

  • ASK FOR HELP. If you don't understand a machine or need help in setting up the squat rack, more often than not staff are walking around and more than happy to help - it's what they’re there for! Similarly, gym goers are often very friendly and eager to help - as long as you don't ask them mid-set🤣

  • Have a plan. Whether you have a coach, a programme or you’re following a workout you’ve seen on instagram. Have a plan when you go to the gym that you’re going to stick to. This will make it so much easier to move through your workout without stressing what to do next. A lot of fitness apps, coaches etc (including mine ;) @eviedcoaching) have video tutorials and descriptions alongside the workouts so that you feel comfort in knowing you’re doing everything right!

  • Go at off-peak times (if you can). Gyms may have time slots and a booking system when they open back up but nevertheless, a general tip is go at off peak. Avoid 6-9am and 4-8pm if you’re worried about the gym being super busy - these are typically the busiest times! A lot of gyms are 24 hours! Again, shop around for gyms that have the best times to suit your occupation hours etc and lifestyle.

To conclude - ultimately remember that everyone is there for themselves!

You’ve got this. Go smash your goals and be the person you want to be!

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