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About Team EDC

Learn about what we offer and your EDC Team

Our online coaching brings a holistic view to your goals. Through custom-built training programmes tailored to your needs, goals and even your gym; bespoke nutritional guidance and ongoing support, we provide the most in-depth personalised service. Combined with these elements, we delve into your schedule, your sleep, your stress management and focus on the 6 pillars of deep health. We help you level up every element of your life, so you never need another coach again and unlock your potential. 

Team EDC
Personalized science-based training programme

built from scratch to suit your specific needs, goals, injuries, equipment (if from home) and lifestyle. This includes as many revisions as is needed to perfect the plan.

Team EDC
Bespoke nutrition

Bespoke nutritional guidance to suit you, your needs and your lifestyle. We work with you to create the perfect nutrition programme so you don't even feel like you're dieting. Taking into account nutritional preferences, work needs, and social events - we provide you with in-depth tools to navigate each situation! 

Team EDC
Form guidance

Alongside the app demonstrating videos for each movement, we will also be assessing your form. Send your coach form videos of movements to ensure they're perfected, without injuries and stimulating the correct muscles!

Team EDC
Members Portal

Access our world-class Members Portal. Here, we have modules covering everything from behaviour change, to meal prepping and training optimisation. Learn how to make the absolute MOST out of your journey, whilst enjoying your day-to-day life! 

Team EDC
Community Events

Access our community events! Here, you get to meet other likeminded women who are all looking to become the best versions of themselves.

We do live training sessions, nutrition workshops and mindset events.

OR, push yourself out of your comfort zone and join a Team EDC Photoshoot to showcase your progress and confidence!

Team EDC
App access

Exclusive access to our Team EDC app to log your workouts, nutrition and habits. Be held accountable through step tracking, habit formation and watch yourself evolve. No cookie-cutter programmes here! 

Team EDC
Personalised and In-Depth Check-Ins weekly

Your weekly 1-1 check ins allow us to review the previous weeks progress; overcome hurdles or obstacles, celebrate wins and devise a plan of action (goals) for the upcoming week.

These check-ins will keep you motivated and fired up, whilst also ensuring you're on the correct trajectory towards your goals!

Exclusive access to our Team EDC Community 

Join a community of empowered women who are ROOTING for you! Our team groupchat is the most supportive group of women; whether you need a shoulder to cry on or a kick of motivation. We've got you covered! 

Team EDC
Whatsapp Support 

Gone are the days of waiting 1 week for your PT to reply via email. With Team EDC, you have access to our personal mobile numbers on Whatsapp to contact us whenever you need. Whether you're struggling with motivation or need help to choose the best option from a restaurant, you have us on hand at the other side of the phone. 

You will be added into a groupchat with your 1-1 coach AND CEO Evie Dawson; double the accountability and support = double the results!

Start Your Journey Today

Meet The EDC Team


Evie Dawson

Founder of Team EDC 

Hey - I'm Evie!

My passionate for coaching really stemmed from transforming my life; from insecurity and crippling anxiety to confidence and finding inner-strength.

My role at Team EDC is overseeing operations, staying ahead of the research and coaching the Team EDC Coaches to the highest standards. 

When I'm not at the gym, you'll catch me drinking coffee 24/7 while nerding out on mindset, behavioural psychology and training and nutrition. 

I host a monthly webinar for Team EDC members which range from goal-setting, mindset work, to nutrition planning and training protocols!

Screenshot 2023-06-21 at 13.53.35.png
Team EDC Transformation Coach

Charlotte Wilson

Hi, I'm Coach Charlotte!


 I got into fitness after always struggling with my weight as a teenager and gaining a large amount of body fat in my first year at university. I started going to the gym and quickly fell in love with weight training and living a healthier lifestyle which resulted in me losing just under 40lbs of body fat! 

Having gone through a fat loss phases and gaining phases myself I know how difficult it can be, which is why I put an emphasis on my clients making a sustainable lifestyle change.


For me, mental progress is just as important as physical,
and I place a big emphasis on that in my coaching.I know my clients are all unique, so everything we do will always be completely tailored to you to secure you the best results!

I specialise in body recomp (fat loss and muscle growth) to give that toned appearance, and love helping women break through mindset barriers to become their best self.

If you'd like to work with me, click the link: 


Annabelle Darlington

Team EDC Transformation Coach

Hey - I'm Coach Annie!


ike many other women have experienced the highs and lows of a fitness journey. My journey began when I discovered the gym 5 years ago. I made every mistake in the book so you don’t have to. My love for training came from wanting to improve my performance while playing football competitively. I quickly fell in love with weight lifting and training for ME.

Having experienced dieting and also bulking, I pride myself in ensuring my clients have the most seamless and enjoyable experience in order to create a sustainable lifestyle. I've helped many women with their fat loss, muscle gain or sports performance goals & I am incredibly grateful to be able to work with women who are ready for change and action.

I specialise in helping women overcome any previous yo-yo or negative mindsets towards nutrition. Anyone of any age and any ability can start now in their journeys to a better self and I am super excited to help guide you along the way!

If you'd like to work with me, please fill out this application:

Screenshot 2023-06-21 at 13.52.34.png
Admin and Personal Assistant 

Reina Quiamco

Hey, my name is Reina!

I am the admin manager here at Team EDC. You may not see me directly, but I'm always working behind the scenes to ensure every client that joins Team EDC has a seamless experience.

If you ever need help with changing payment details, joining Team EDC events or for customer support - I'm your gal! 

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