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Team EDC

Helping women evolve physically, aesthetically and mentally to become the best version of themselves.

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Not just a physical transformation.

Team EDC specialises in helping women become the ultimate best version of yourself. 

Improving your physical health, your aesthetic appearance so that you feel confident in yourself - while working on those self-limiting beliefs and mental barriers. 

Get ready to become the woman you always dreamed of becoming. 

The Founder | Evie Dawson

Evie Dawson is an online transformation coach, and the founder of Team EDC. Having struggled previously herself with disordered eating, poor mental health and a lack of fulfilment, Evie embarked on a mission to ensure women around the world do not go through life hating themselves and how they look. 

With a passion for learning about the science behind exercise, nutrition and mindset, Evie's personal philosophy is holistic and mindset-oriented. Delving into the psychology of behaviour patterns and habit formation, with Team EDC you will learn how to break free of self-limiting beliefs. 


Over the past 3 years, Team EDC has helped 100s+ of women fall in love with exercise, but most importantly, themselves. Combining science with practical application and empathy, we want to help you!

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Members Exclusive Coaching Portal

The ultimate hub for Team EDC members. Gain access to recipe books, up-to-date scientific research and mindset workshops to help YOU learn.

Be supported throughout your journey with 30+ hours worth of eduction, alongside monthly webinars to help you evolve your body and mind.

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